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April 2017 - Exhibiting in Cheshire

Details to be announced soon, two of Bees Knees Art Dolls are off on a trip to be exhibited May to July.



March 2017 - The Makers Meldoy

Exciting news Alison Jackson has just won a place in the Makers Melody, a doll making collective. Stay tuned to see all the wonderful dolls the collective make



February 2017 - Bees Knees Art Dolls undergo a makeover

The dolls have a new logo and Certificates. What do you think?




September 2016 - Exhibiting in Wolverhampton

We are really pleased to have a doll on display at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, pop down if you're in the area, she's in the Open Craft exhibition.



Winner of the Great British Doll and Bear Award for Cloth Dolls 2015 - June 2015

We are very pleased to announce we have won this very presigous award for our lovely Bella, why not pop on to the dolls page and see who is available at the moment for you to have your own Bees Knees Art doll.


Give-away Time - 1st March 2015

For a chance to win one of our lovely little handmade needle felted teddies either follow us on FaceBook 'Bees Knees Art Dolls'

or Instagram '@honey_pot_creations'

and follow the instructions on the post.


Giveaway open untill Friday 6th March 2015, midnight GMT.


New Facebook Page Launched - 29th January 2015

The Art Dolls have a place and name of their own.

To keep the two a little more separate we have launched Bees Knees Art Dolls, please check out the new Facebook page



1st November 2014

Alison Daly became Alison Jackson by marrying Dr Jackson.


18th March 2014


Alison Daly won one of the categories of the Sewing Competition 2014. An internet sewing competition decided by votes from’s subscribers, Ally won with a dark blue velvet dress, decorated with cream tatting on the collar and sleeves and a silk cream sash.





5th March 2014


Jessica from Chronically Vintage reviews a honey pot hat. A premier vintage blogger, Jessica had some lovely thing to say about the hat, which Ally had made specifically for her;


“Alison excels at the art of creating beautiful custom made, vintage reproduction, and vintage inspired hats …… I really, really adore this chapeau (it's the first primarily mustard yellow hued one I've ever had) and have been wearing it often ever since arrived from the talented hands that made it in the UK, so I'm sure you'll see it again in future outfit posts to come. I feel blessed that the artist behind Honey Pot Creations made this work of millinery art for me”


Read the full blog post and check out Jessica’s awesome photos here:



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