caring and re-string policy

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Care Instructions for your Doll


Please note that this doll is NOT a play doll, but an art doll. She is suitable for persons over the age of 14 and whilst gentle playing is ok, care must be taken.


Her features are made with a mixture of fabric pens and watercolour paints and will wash off if wet.


Her body can be sponge washed gently, but care must be taken not to get water on her face.


Her removable clothes are hand washable.


Re-string of arms and legs is available should you have an accident

Re-stringing Policy


These dolls are made with cotton and floss, with beads and buttons and sometimes things can come loose.


Alison will re-string your doll’s arms and legs for free if they become loose or fall off with general ‘gentle’ use. You can either return your doll in person if you are in Birmingham, England, or post your doll back. If posting then you are responsible for the cost of postage in both directions.


But don’t worry as a limb that comes off through rough or foul play, can also be re-strung for a small fee; this will be charged at £10 per stringing.


Should our examination show that anything became loose as a result of poor workmanship, then postage will be covered by Honey Pot Creations.


Please contact us at if you need to organise a re-stringing or for any other questions or queries. The bees love chatting and are always pleased to hear from you.

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